Как поставить метку и натенють сеп на движке ваз 2106

Good evening) Finally it came to the business of writing-moon instalu shisnarya classics) decided to break all into several parts, as it will be more convenient)

So, let's start? First we need to buy a VAZ 16-valve engine, several of them: 2112, 21124, 21126 Priora Well and 21128 12 Single compartment, the 128th is very hard to find, but if desired, can be made of 124-th, on the whole this will be discussed.

I got the 124th Motor, 1.6-liter, как поставить метку и натенють сеп на движке ваз 2106 piston, is the best option)
First, we need to prepare moving to install, first remove the knee and drag to the turner who has a machine equipped with a lunette, for it to pierce the knee under the classic bearing primary shaft of a check point.

как поставить метку и натенють сеп на движке ваз 2106

Here are photos of the result

It как поставить метку и натенють сеп на движке ваз 2106 look exactly tobish bearing planted not fully

Short bearing planted 9mm, I turner him even at 1 mm are not molested, t.

To. There is a risk to hurt the hidden oil channel, in general, if a turner sensible he will immediately understand what was happening, to paragraphs in stock no bearing only babyshka sticks as well as in my bearing, well, not only for me, because everyone is doing, without any like box point grind, this third pillar of the classical gearbox, bearings, you will need a classic, it also has a classic knee and Magazev it is called as the bearing of a primary shaft of a check point.

Next we need to modify Makhov.

как поставить метку и натенють сеп на движке ваз 2106

You can of course order and ready version on the classic with a 16-valve engine, it has a lightweight, worth in the region of 2 rubles. All do differently, some starters with spacers are generally describe how I was doing. In short 12th flywheel must be attributed to the same turner, he must remove his excess metal is removed from the unit about 9 mm factory cardinality losses before turning как поставить метку и натенють сеп на движке ваз 2106 work necessary to bring down the crown, he gave us no longer need, you will need a classic, the difference they 1 tooth, this is done simply, we set on a stump and the flywheel obstukivaem crown around and it flies.

After all the work done should be napresovat classic crown on the 12th flywheel, this heat the crown, not to red, then we put it on the flywheel, the crown fits easily in a heated state, it should rest against the rim. Then, the reliability can be gently grab как поставить метку и натенють сеп на движке ваз 2106 in three places. Next, we give the whole thing to balance

The essence of my alteration is that we will rise starter without spacers and washers

From the side of the block как поставить метку и натенють сеп на движке ваз 2106 9 mm, and we stayed at this rim 3 mm

I honestly did without turner, flywheel before me was pierced just as it is necessary, I stupidly changed on him the crown, nor any spacers fence was not necessary, all in stock, starter fine twists, Bendix perfectly engages and leaves, neither cho does not cling)

Next we need to modify the pan, but rather hush it is not much, it is provided will be used if the classic pillow with nivovsky neither of which do not have to knead, t.

To. They above. Replacement tray so that it does not cling to the beam, it is certainly better to do on site after fitting the engine, I'm at the beginning hesitated, colored, and when he began to put the moving, it turned out that is not enough, and he had to pull out, and even replaced. Why I did not use pillows from the fields, but because they are stiffer and I do not need the extra vibration on the body, and the engine shield with the stronger will need to knead, but more on that later, ph photo of my pallet, unfortunately difficult to see, but other photos no

Replacing it is approximately centered more crumpled right side, the left especially not necessary to knead

At dents in the front, please do not pay attention, it is the former owner tried)

By the way, many of his digest, tobish first make incisions on podginayut as necessary, and then the whole thing carefully brewed, sanded and then painted as I shall be going to change it, it will do so, so it was all as the plant)

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